Being Busy in Ministry

Do you have ministry in  your church? Or maybe you are actively participating in your church? Volunteer, leader, usher, music, admin, pastoral, or maybe because of being so active, you wanted to join all those teams.

When you initially came to Christ, you were so on fire with the Lord. You diligently do the spiritual disciplines. But as you grow in your spiritual walk, you get tasked with more responsibilities. And with these responsibilities come the busyness. There is nothing wrong on being active in church. Getting busy in ministry, growing in ministry. It is a privilage to be part of it and serve. The question is, many christians now are actively involved in ministry but forgetting the reasons why their joined. It is becoming a daily routine of their lives. Go to the center every Sunday, ushered members, lead in worship, preached. There is nothing wrong with that but as you examined your self, are you growing? Are you growing as a christian or you are just growing in your ministry? Your prayer time, your devotion, your personal intimacy with God?

True intimacy with Christ involves suffering, obedience, much prayer, a good knowledge of God’s Word, and a life of faith.

Let us learn to prioritize our intimacy with God, rather than activities.
#preachtomyself #growinChrist #personaldevotion #christlikecharacter

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